To the next generation

May yours be a united Christian witness.


Introduction Stanley Paregien
How to Attain and Maintain Unity Jimmy Allen
Fellowship Arthur W. Atkinson, Jr.
The First and Second Commandments Dave Bradford
The Unity of the Faith Harvey C. Bream, Jr.
Is Unity Possible in Diversity? Grayson H. Ensign
How Men Use the Bible to Justify Their Divisions Leroy Garrett
An Abiding Basis for Unity Perry E. Gresham
Why Are We Divided Lavern Houtz
After Unity—What? Vernon W. Hurst
Dwelling Together in Unity Ferrell Jenkins
Agape: Foundation of Christian Fellowship W. Carl Ketcherside
Unity and Law Thomas A. Langford
Toward Unity F. L. Lemley
New Life Through Christian Fellowship Ronald E. Osborn
The Holy Spirit and Inevitabilities Erskine E. Scates, Jr.
The Path to Unity Robert W. Shaw
When Brethren Disagree Gene Shelburne
Unity and Fellowship Carl Herbert Stem
Appendix A - Christian Colleges  
Appendix B - Christian Magazines  
Appendix C - Recommended Reading